Tpd: What if diy was the future of electronic cigarette liquids?


With the release of the TPD, the new tobacco products directive, the e cigarette fluid market will change dramatically.

As we have often repeated, from January 1 st will be limited to a volume of 10 ml and a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 mg/ml.
But this is not the most important thing: the real bad news is that liquid manufacturers will have to make a paid declaration for the marketing of each of their creations.

Tpd: What if diy was the future of electronic cigarette fluids? 550 euros per flavour and nicotine rate. Manufacturers will also be charged a fee of 120 euros per year per product for storage.

In addition to this price, there is the cost of a laboratory analysis which will also be mandatory for each product.

In the end, the right to sell an e liquid for an electronic cigarette will cost a lot of money.


A manufacturer who wants to continue to sell his liquid flavor “Apple” with 5 nicotine levels (0,3,6,12 and 16 mg/ml) will have to pay:

2 200 EUR for the placing on the market of a product (EUR 550 x 4, this does not apply to nicotine free liquid)

480 euros per year for storage

The cost of a laboratory analysis for the liquid.

Imagine a manufacturer with a catalogue of 50 liquids (which is the case for many manufacturers today).

The declaration to update itself will cost 110,000 euros + the cost of the analyses.

Then the manufacturer will have to pay 24 000 euros per year for storage.

Knowing that this will not change much about the cash itself, so speak directly of organized racket. It’s just a way for the state to tax electronic cigarettes under cover of public health.

(But this is not the subject of this news.)

So with these prices, we can of course suspect that many electronic cigarette liquids will disappear. Many manufacturers will not be able (or unwilling) to pay such sums and will therefore make a selection from their liquids.

Other manufacturers, smaller and less fortunate, will simply disappear.

And there will be fewer new manufacturers because it will become more expensive.

The volume of liquids on the market will therefore fall sharply, as of 1 January, and new products will be increasingly rare.

This is a real blow for the ready-made liquid and the manufacturers.

But what about the DIY and why the title of this article?

For DIY, we have seen in a previous article “The future of diy: boosters to add to nicotine free bases for e cigarettes” that this will change on the basis. Because the nicotine bases will be limited to 10 ml, which makes no sense. But we saw in the same article that a solution was proposed with the sale of nicotine boosters to mix with these bases.

Here is the table that explains how to mix a nicotine booster with a nicotine free base to get the nicotine level you want:

So if the problem of bases is partially solved, what about the concentrated flavours to be mixed with these bases?

Well, this new regulation only concerns “nicotine containing” products and therefore not concentrated aromas for DIY.

There will therefore be no declaration to make for the sale of a new concentrated flavouring recipe to make your own liquid. No storage charges and no analysis beyond conventional regulation.

Although the bases take a hit with this TPD, concentrated aromas are not affected at all.

We will therefore be in a market where it will be very expensive and very complicated to sell a ready-made liquid e. While it will be very simple to put a sale a new concentrated aroma.

Manufacturers will be able to focus on the new flavouring recipes for DIY.

We will certainly have less liquids and a lot of flavor recipes to mix with the bases to discover.

Sprayers that love novelty, maybe the DIY will gain market share.

With the principle of the nicotine booster, it doesn’t seem so gloomy for the future of DIY.

If we thought otherwise, it might well be the case that this new regulation, rather than making it obsolete, would make the manufacture of liquid e increasingly widespread.

It’s a different vision, only the future will tell us…